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Novella is a unique content management and publishing system that enhances and streamlines the content development and management process for creating online products used by students and instructors. All business units within McGraw-Hill Higher Education, McGraw-Hill Higher Education International, and McGraw-Hill Contemporary are currently using Novella.

Novella consist of the following sub-systems:
  • Style Management System: manages the design and behavior of individual content objects and entire online products.
  • Content Management System: that facilitates the development and production of online products.
  • Digital Library: stores and manages media assets that are shared amongst different online products.
  • Quality Assurance System: enables the review of online products before being made available to our customers.
  • User Management System: that provides access to individuals to the sub-systems listed above for the subject areas, or disciplines that these individuals are responsible for.

N O V E L L A - version 2.7.0