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Action of Glucocorticoid Hormone

View the animation below, then complete the quiz to test your knowledge of the concept.

1Glucocorticoid hormones activate genes that are involved in which of the following processes?
A)synthesis of glucose
B)mobilization of fats
C)breakdown of proteins
D)A and B
E)A, B and C

2Glucocorticoids are ________ hormones secreted by ________ glands.
A)peptide ; endocrine
B)peptide ; exocrine
C)steroid ; endocrine
D)steroid ; exocrine
E)None of the above is true

3Arrange the following in the proper order in which they occur during glucocorticoid hormone action.

1. Binding of hormone to receptor
2. Release of HSP90 proteins
3. Entry of hormone into the nucleus
A)1, 2, 3
B)2, 1, 3
C)2, 3, 1
D)3, 2, 1
E)3, 1, 2

4Glucocorticoid response elements function as enhancers.

5The glucocorticoid receptor is active as a dimer.

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