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Proton Pump (Quiz 2)

View the animation below, then complete the quiz to test your knowledge of the concept.

1Proton pumps are protein complexes that
A)break down water into hydrogen and oxygen.
B)synthesize water from hydrogen and oxygen.
C)pump protons and electrons through the cell membrane.
D)pump protons from the exterior of the cell to the interior.
E)pump protons from the interior of the cell to the exterior.

2Synthesis of ATP via a proton gradient is called
B)krebs cycle.
D)substrate-level phosphorylation.

3Which of the following is the enzyme used to synthesize ATP?
A)ATP phosphodiesterase
B)ATP hydrolase
C)ATP kinase
D)ATP phosphorylase
E)none of the above

4The protons are generated during oxidation reactions.

5The membrane is permeable to protons.

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