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Hershey and Chase Experiment

View the animation below, then complete the quiz to test your knowledge of the concept.

1What part of the phage entered the bacterial cell following infection?
C)protein coat
D)the entire phage
E)no part

2If 35S was found in progeny phages rather than 32P, Hershey and Chase would have concluded that
A)proteins contain phosphorus.
B)DNA contains sulfur.
C)phage DNA enters the host cell.
D)phage protein enters the host cell.
E)phage can kill the E. coli cell.

3In the Hershey and Chase experiment, radioactively-labeled
A)32P did not enter the cell.
B)32P remained inside the cells after vigorous shaking.
C)32P was removed from the cells by vigorous shaking.
D)32P and 35S remained inside the cells after vigorous shaking.
E)32P and 35S were removed from the cells after vigorous shaking.

4Hershey and Chase labeled the phage DNA with radioactive 32P.

5The phage used in the experiment consisted of a DNA molecule surrounded by a protein coat.

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