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Using a DNA Microarray

What is the relationship between genome sequencing and microarrays? Microarray technology uses chips with attached DNA sequences as probes for gene expression. Any DNA in the sample that is complementary to a probe sequence will become bound to the chip. Microarray technology is most powerful when it used on species with a sequenced genome. The microarray chip can hold sequences from every gene in the entire genome and the expression of every gene can be studied simultaneously. Gene expression data can provide information on the function of previously uncharacterized genes.

View the animation below, then complete the quiz to test your knowledge of the concept.

1DNA microarrays contain ________.
A)single-stranded DNA
B)double-stranded DNA
C)genomic DNA
D)complementary DNA

2To use a microarray, mRNA from cells of interest are first converted to ________.
A)double-stranded DNA

3In the microarray procedure, what molecule is labeled with a fluorescent tag?
B)double-stranded DNA
D)single-stranded DNA

4DNA microarrays are used to study patterns of gene expression.

5DNA microarrays may be used to study how a cell responds to specific environmental conditions.

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