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Steps in Cloning a Gene (Quiz 4)

View the animation below, then complete the quiz to test your knowledge of the concept.

1Unique restriction enzyme sites are found where in the plasmid?
A)the origin of replication
B)within the LacZ gene
C)within the selectable marker
D)all of the above

2Which of the following would produce blue colonies?
A)bacterial cells without plasmids
B)bacterial cells containing plasmids without inserts
C)bacterial cells containing plasmids with the gene of interest
D)bacterial cells containing plasmids with inserts, but not the gene of interest

3The presence of a selectable marker on the plasmid allows the researcher to determine if __________.
A)the bacterial cell has taken up the plasmid
B)the gene of interest has been inserted in the plasmid
C)the origin of replication is functioning
D)the beta-galactosidase gene is functioning

4DNA ligase will only recircularize plasmid DNA that contains the gene of interest to be cloned.

5Following insertion of a plasmid into competent cells, and plating of the cells on an ampicillin-betagalactosidase media, a researcher would select white colonies for additional study.

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