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Water Content of Foods

Why can some animals survive without drinking water? All organisms on earth require water to carry out basic metabolic functions. Water is lost from organisms in a variety of ways – transpiration in plants, osmosis in single-celled organisms, excretion in animals. Most animals need to take in liquid water by drinking to replace water they have lost. However, some animals are able to thrive without ever taking a drink. They are able to do this by extracting water from food and by reducing water loss. Some foods contain large amounts of water. However organisms such as kangaroo rats can extract water during the metabolism of molecules from any food source. Animals in arid environments also have very efficient kidneys and excrete very little water.

View the animation below, then complete the quiz to test your knowledge of the concept.

1How many milliliters of water are in 108 Calories of Raisin Bran cereal?
A)0 mL
B)3 mL
C)5 mL
D)10 mL

2How many milliliters of water are in 110 Calories of orange juice?
A)110 mL
B)2783 mL
C)217 mL
D)240 mL

3In the animation, if a man eats Raisin Bran cereal, 2% milk, 1 patty cheeseburger, Dr. Pepper, roasted chicken breast, Spanish rice, broccoli in cheese and lemon meringue pie, how much more water does he need to consume to reach adequate intake for the day?
A)989 mL
B)1789 mL
C)1211 mL
D)1659 mL

4In the animation, which of the following choices has the most water per serving?
A)bagged potato chips
B)Oreo cookies
D)Spanish rice

5How much more water does a man need compared to a woman?
A)800 mL
B)1000 mL
C)1200 mL
D)3000 mL

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