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Monoclonal Antibody Production

View the animation below, then complete the quiz to test your knowledge of the concept.

1Hybhidomas are made from combining
A)monoclonal antibodies with myeloma cells
B)B cells with specific epitopes
C)B cells with myeloma cells
D)T cells with myeloma cells
E)monoclonal antigens with myeloma cells

2Monoclonal antibodies are used for
A)antibody replacement in people lacking B cells
B)diagnosing microbial diseases
C)stem cell research
D)cloning tissues

3All of the following are needed to produce monoclonal antibodies except
A)animal to inject
B)microtiter plate to separate single hybridoma cells
C)polyethylene glycol
D)polyvalent antigen

4Monoclonal antibodies are derived from a single cloned B cell.

5A myeloma cell is a cancer cell that grows continuously.

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