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Steps in Cloning a Gene (Quiz 3)

View the animation below, then complete the quiz to test your knowledge of the concept.

1The first step in cloning a gene is to
A)insert a plasmid into a bacterium
B)isolate the DNA from the organism that contains the desired gene
C)plate cells on agar
D)treat plasmids with restriction enzymes

2Plasmids are put into bacterial cells by
A)restriction enzymes
B)DNA ligase
C)binding of cohesive sticky ends

3Restriction enzymes
A)cut donor DNA evenly so smooth edges result
B)cut donor DNA but do not affect plasmids
C)make staggered cuts at specific sequences in DNA in both donor DNA and plasmid
D)are used to incorporate plasmids into bacterial host cells

4DNA fragments can hybridize with plasmids that have been cut by the same restriction enzyme.

5DNA ligase enzyme joins the cohesive ends of the desired DNA fragment with the cohesive ends of the plasmid.

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