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Immuno-diffusion and -electrophoresis

View the animation below, then complete the quiz to test your knowledge of the concept.

1The single radial diffusion immunoassay is used to quantify
D)white blood cells.
E)red blood cells.

2Which of the following statements about a double diffusion assay is TRUE?
A)both antigens and antibodies diffuse through the agar
B)antigens with partial identity produce an X-shaped line of precipitation
C)antigens that are unrelated produce a Y-shaped line of precipitation
D)A and B.
E)A, B and C

3Which of the following statements about immunoelectrophoresis is TRUE?
A)it is performed on an agar gel
B)positively-charged proteins move to the negative electrode
C)a trough is cut and antigens are added to it
D)A and B.
E)A, B and C

4In a double diffusion assay, antigens that are identical produce a continuous line of precipitation.

5Immunodiffusion offers greater resolution than immunoelectrophoresis.

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