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Lambda Phage Replication Cycle

View the animation below, then complete the quiz to test your knowledge of the concept.

1In the lytic cycle of phage replication
A)phage genes integrate into the host cell genome and are not expressed
B)phage genes exist as prophage
C)phage DNA remains inside the protein coat
D)phage nucleic acid is replicated and phage genes are expressed, making new phage protein and lysing the host cell

2A prophage is
A)phage DNA integrated into host cell genome
B)phage DNA being actively expressed
C)phage protein left outside the bacterium
D)toxic to the host bacterial cell

3Which of the following can cause a phage in the lysogenic stage to revert to the lytic stage?
A)lack of nutrients
B)ultraviolet light
C)a competing phage
E)an electrical charge

4In the lysogenic stage of phage replication, the host cell is lysed.

5Once a phage becomes lysogenic, it will remain lysogenic and never be lytic again.

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