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Biofilm Formation

View the animation below, then complete the quiz to test your knowledge of the concept.

1On which of the following surfaces can biofilms form?
A)animal biotic surfaces
B)plant biotic surfaces
C)abiotic surfaces
D)A and B
E)A, B and C

2Initial attachment of microorganisms often involves
A)flagella and is reversible.
B)flagella and is irreversible.
C)exopolymers and is reversible.
D)exopolymers and is irreversible.
E)either flagella or exopolymers and is irreversible.

3Which of the following gradients can form in a biofilm?
A)oxygen gradient
B)nutrient gradient
C)pH gradient
D)A and B
E)A, B and C

4The same biofilm may consist of cellulose-degrading bacteria, anaerobic and aerobic bacteria.

5Growth within a biofilm is uniform.

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