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Food Spoilage

View the animation below, then complete the quiz to test your knowledge of the concept.

1How common are food spoilage microorganisms?
A)they are extremely rare
B)almost none of our foods contain them
C)a few of our foods contain them
D)almost all of our foods contain them

2The most common organisms causing food spoilage are bacteria,
A)yeasts and insects.
B)yeasts and molds.
C)molds and insects.
D)insects and parasites.

3This animation shows that food spoilage microorganisms can be classified by their
A)growth temperature preferences.
B)growth time preferences.
C)growth moisture preferences.
D)food source.

4By keeping food cold the growth of microorganisms is
B)not changed.
D)stopped and they are killed.

5In this animation, on which day does the room temperature orange begin to show spoilage?
A)day 0
B)day 4
C)day 8
D)day 12

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