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Impact of Alcohol

View the animation below, then complete the quiz to test your knowledge of the concept.

1What functions of the body are most obviously affected by alcohol?
A)those controlled by the liver
B)those controlled by the pancreas
C)those controlled by the brain
D)those controlled by the kidneys

2What blood alcohol level is the standard for drunkenness in Canada and the United States?

3If age, weight and gender are the same, a sporadic drinker and a chronic drinker with blood alcohol levels of 0.10 will have
A)similar physical effects.
B)different physical effects.
C)no physical effects.
D)both will be in a coma.

4Alcohol will go any place in the body that
A)water goes.
B)fat goes.
C)protein goes.
D)carbohydrate goes.

5How does gender affect a person’s tolerance to alcohol?
A)it has not affect on tolerance
B)it only lowers female tolerance when beer is consumed
C)males have a lower tolerance
D)females have a lower tolerance

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