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Computer Architecture

Ian McLoughlin, Nanyang Technological University

ISBN: 0071311181
Copyright year: 2011

This textbook presents the subject of computer architecture in a modern light to match the needs of educational institutions and graduates for modern industry. The book reflects the fact that there are around 40 times as many embedded systems sold as desktop computers each year, and many more graduates will end up designing embedded systems hardware than will ever design a traditional desktop computer.

Without overlooking the historical perspective of computers, or the traditional topics in computer architecture, Computer Architecture: An Embedded Approach presents the subject in a readable and interesting format, and above all, provides the background and places emphasis on the increasingly important embedded systems that we all rely upon for our day-to-day living.

Whilst traditional computer engineering textbooks were fine resources for students needing to learn about computers, work on desktop or mainframe systems of the 1980s and 1990s, these older approaches are looking increasingly dated as technological progress marches on. Students of today tend to be more inspired by the iPod than by ENIAC, and working with such tiny, low power embedded devices is precisely what Computer Architecture: An Embedded Approach aims towards. This means that modern and interesting topics for embedded systems are included in this book.

An embedded systems-relevant approach, this book addresses the needs of industry, inspires students in their studies, and interlinks with neighbouring electronics, computer engineering or computer science course within a typical curriculum. It is not just a computer architecture book with an extra chapter on embedded system, it looks at the computer architecture of today, which is built upon the foundation and history of bigger and older machines and drives toward greater levels of integration within embedded systems.

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