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Broadcasting PowerWeb

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Broadcasting, Cable, the Internet and Beyond: An Introduction to Modern Electronic Media, 5/e

Joseph R. Dominick, University of Georgia
Fritz Messere, State University of New York - Oswego
Barry L. Sherman, Deceased

ISBN: 0072493836
Copyright year: 2004

What's New

  • NEW! Contains an expanded discussion about the impact of media consolidation and new information on the Internet, Convergence, digital TV and radio, resulting in a more updated resource.

  • NEW! Reorganized chapter on rules and regulations containing an update on the continuing impact of the Telecommunications Act of 1996, the legal status of Internet file sharing, and the new rules about TV prescription drug advertising to keep students informed as they enter the marketplace.

  • NEW! Updated section on TV and radio programming strategies including the increasing trend toward reality programs sparking thought on media trends.

  • NEW! Expanded Social Effects chapter with discussions of the impact of videogame violence and the social influence of the Internet, increasing awareness of the impacts and responsibilities of media.

  • NEW! Other additions include an updated International chapter with a new section on China’s difficulties with regulating the Internet, a new section on the personal People Meter, and an intriguing new section on the V-chip and changing standards in what’s acceptable in TV and radio.

  • Four box themes for easier reading: Issues, Events, Profile, and Ethics.

  • Integrated Website! The website provides a study guide, information on how to do research on the Web, news updates, and more.
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