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Chapter Outline
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Audio and Visual Technology

Basic Principles of Media Technology

    Facsimile Technology


    Signal and Noise

    Analog and Digital Sounds

    Oscillation and the Waveform

    Frequency and Amplitude

    Frequency Response

Steps in Signal Processing

Step 1: Signal Generation

    Audio Signal Generation

    Video Signal Generation

Step 2: Amplification and Processing

    Audio Amplification and Processing

    Video Amplification and Processing

Step 3: Signal Transmission

    Audio Transmission

    Video Transmission

    Satellite Transmission

    Back to the Future: The Return to Wired Communications

Step 4: Signal Reception

    Radio Receivers

    TV Receivers

Step 5: Storage and Retrieval

    Audio Storage

    Video Storage

Webcasting: Audio and Video Streaming


Key Terms

Suggestions for Further Reading

Internet Exercises

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