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Chapter Outline
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Broadcast and Cable TV today

Television Now

Types of Television Stations

    Commercial and Noncommercial Stations

    VHF, UHF, and DTV Stations

Network Television

    Fox Broadcasting Company

    New Networks

    The End of Network Television?

Local Television

    Television’s Cash Cows: Network Owned-and-Operated Stations

    Cash Calves? Major Network Affiliates

    WB, UPN, and Pax Affiliates

    Independents: A Vanishing Breed

    Low Power to the People: LPTV

TV Station Ownership

Public Television

Cable Television

    Cable Programming

    Packaging Cable Services: The Trail of "Tiers"

    Cable Ownership

    Cable Economics

Direct Broadcast Satellites (DBS)

    DBS Programming

    DBS Today and Beyond

Working in Television

    TV Station Organization

    Cable System Organization

The Job Outlook

    Broadcast TV Job Trends

    Cable TV Job Trends

    Women and Minorities in TV


Key Terms

Suggestions for Further Reading

Internet Exercises

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