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Chapter Outline
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TV Programming

The Rise of Television News

    The Roper Studies

A Brief History of TV News

    The Kennedy Assassination: The Death of Camelot and the Birth of Television News

    Television News Comes of Age

    TV News Becomes Big Business

TV News Today


    Regional and Local Cable News


    Global News

The TV News Team: TV News Command Structure

    Phase I: Preproduction

    Phase II: On the Air

Crumbling Credibility? Issues in TV News

TV Entertainment Programming

Network Television: The Big Four, Plus Three


    The Network Programming Process

    Cable Network Programming

    Public Television Programming

The World of TV Syndication

    The Syndication Market

    The Syndication Bazaar

    Types of Syndicated Programming

    Barter Syndication

Local Television Programming

    Local Television Stations

    Local Cable Programming

Programming Strategies

    Audience Flow


    Challenge Programming

A Final Word


Key Terms

Suggestions for Further Reading

Internet Exercises

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