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Chapter Outline
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How It 's Controlled

Rules and Regulations



    The 1927 Radio Act

    The Communications Act of 1934

    Cable Regulation


Regulatory Forces

    The Federal Communications Commission


    The Courts

    The White House

    Industry Lobbyists

    The Public

    State and Local Governments

    The Marketplace

The Role of the FCC

    License Granting

    License Renewal

    Competing Applications

    The FCC, Cable TV, Satellite TV, and the Internet

    Equal Opportunities: Section 315

Other Federal Laws Covering Broadcasting and Cable

    Children’s Television

    Copyright: Trying to Keep Up

    Copyright and the Internet

    Obscenity, Indecency, and Profanity

    Equal Employment Opportunities

The Law and Broadcast Journalism


    Invasion of Privacy

    Protecting Sources

    Cameras in the Courtroom

Regulating Advertising


Key Terms

Suggestions for Further Reading

Internet Exercises

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