Film History 3e
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Film History: An Introduction, 3/e

Kristin Thompson, University of Wisconsin-Madison
David Bordwell, University of Wisconsin-Madison

ISBN: 0073386138
Copyright year: 2010


  • Outstanding visual program. Illustrated almost entirely with frame enlargements--images photographed from the filmstrip itself--rather than publicity stills, giving students more realistic points of reference and ensuring that what readers study on the page actually appears on the screen.

  • Global coverage. Integrates coverage of international cinema throughout the text, from Danish producer Ole Olsen in 1906 (Chapter 2), through the modern film industries of India and South America (Chapters 26 and 27).

  • Context. Discusses the broader social context of each period covered, giving students a greater understanding of how film history fits into the larger history of the modern world.

  • Scholarship. Written by two accomplished film scholars who have authored substantial academic publications as well as the best-selling film appreciation text, Film Art: An Introduction.
Thompson Film Art Third Edition Cover

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