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Film History: An Introduction, 3/e

Kristin Thompson, University of Wisconsin-Madison
David Bordwell, University of Wisconsin-Madison

ISBN: 0073386138
Copyright year: 2010

New to this Edition

  • New final chapter, "Digital Technology and the Cinema," pulls together a wealth of recent research exploring the impact of new technology on film production, distribution, and publicity.

  • Revised organization splits the coverage of Latin America, the Asia-Pacific region, the Middle East, and Africa into two chapters, making the coverage of contemporary cinema in these regions more manageable.

  • More than 200 new film frames illustrate examples and concepts in the text providing students with more realistic points of reference, ensuring that what readers study on the page actually appears on the screen.

  • Updated examples and coverage throughout--particularly in Chapter 25 through 27--bring the text up to the present.

  • The authors' blog, Observations on film art and Film Art, includes a new essay on "Doing Film History" as well as weekly commentary on film from David Bordwell and Kristin Thompson. Visit:
Thompson Film Art Third Edition Cover

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