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Multiple Choice Quiz
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Which of the following should be a consideration when selecting visuals for a document?
A)Whether there is a balance between the time and money used to develop a message and its importance
B)Whether the negative news contained in a message is emphasized so that the message retains its credibility
C)Whether the visuals make it difficult for readers to grasp the contents of a message so that their attention is not lost
D)Whether the positive contents of a message are de-emphasized so that the message appears balanced
E)Whether the visuals accompanying a message uses the we-viewpoint
Which of the following guidelines should be adapted when constructing the visuals in a document?
A)The size of a visual should be arbitrary and based on convenience.
B)Colors and cross-hatching distract readers from the main message of visuals and should be avoided.
C)The layout of a visual in a document should be independent of its size.
D)Pull quotes, clip art, and other decorative visuals should always be numbered.
E)Borders should be placed around visuals that occupy less than a full page.
Which of the following is true regarding the construction of visuals in a document?
A)Colors and cross-hatching distract readers from the main message of visuals.
B)The layout of a visual in a document should be independent of its size.
C)Visuals that occupy less than a full page do not need borders.
D)When a document contains visuals from many different categories, they should be grouped together into maps and figures.
E)Pull quotes, clip art, and other decorative visuals do not need to be numbered.
Which of the following is true about source acknowledgments?
A)They are the top-most components of a visual.
B)They are invariably the same as purpose messages.
C)They are similar to talking headings which give a reader the main message of the visual.
D)They must always specify the who, what, where, when, and why of the five Ws.
E)They are references to the bodies that deserve credit for gathering the data used in an illustration.
Which of the following is a general rule to be followed when constructing tables?
A)If rows are long, row heads can be repeated at intervals of five rows.
B)Footnote references to numbers in a table should be keyed with asterisks, daggers and so on.
C)The zero (0) is used to indicate unavailable data in a table.
D)Totals and subtotals should always appear either at the right or at the bottom of a table.
E)The units in which the data are recorded need not be explicitly mentioned in a table.
Which of the following best defines an organization chart?
A)A chart that shows the hierarchy of levels and positions in an organization
B)A chart that shows the sequence of activities in different processes of an organization
C)A visual presentation that shows planning and scheduling activities in an organization
D)A chart that is used in an organization to show its profit/loss at a moment in time
E)A chart that is used in an organization stating the policies of the organization
June is the sales manager at Tricom Inc. The company has four major products. June wants a visual comparing the sales of these products for each quarter of the previous fiscal year. Which of the following charts is most suitable for June's purpose?
A)Simple bar or column chart
B)Clustered bar chart
C)Bilateral column chart
D)Stacked column chart
E)Gantt chart
Which of the following is true of area charts?
A)They are bar or column charts that use bars made of pictures.
B)They can show only one series in a visual.
C)They show a range of data for particular times and can also be called variance charts.
D)They are invariably the same as pie charts.
E)They are most frequently used in comparing the subdivisions of wholes.
Which of the following is an error of scale?
A)Distracting use of grids and shading
B)Inconsistent use of font style
C)Misuse of typeface
D)Violation of the zero beginning of a series
E)Misleading presentation of context
When your visual is part of a detailed discussion or presentation of your data, you should:
A)start with a summary statement that reveals the big picture.
B)just refer to the information and not waste time in explaining the contents.
C)employ the we-viewpoint when explaining it to your audience.
D)position it away from the place where it is covered in writing.
E)avoid determining its position depending on its size.

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