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Money, Banking, and Financial Markets, 4/e

Stephen G. Cecchetti, Brandeis International University
Kermit L. Schoenholtz, Stern School of Business, New York University

ISBN: 007802174x
Copyright year: 2015



The following ancillaries are available for quick download and convenient access via the book website at and are password protected for security

  • Instructor's Manual: Tori Knight (Carson-Newman College) created a comprehensive guide to using the Cecchetti and Schoenholtz text effectively. It includes outlines for each chapter, a description of likely student stumbling blocks along with tips on how to teach troublesome subjects more effectively, and sections describing how instructors can use the core principles laid out in each chapter to further illustrate course concepts in their lectures. Additionally, the Instructor's Manual also contains lists of suggested articles and web links for use with the course.

  • Solutions Manual: Detailed solutions to the end-of-chapter problems are provided in a separate manual by James Fackler (University of Kentucky). Tori Knight (Carson-Newman College) and Matthew Alford (Southeastern Louisiana University) verified the accuracy of the solutions.

  • Test Bank: Available in a computerized format (EZ Test) and in Word, the test bank was authored by Kenneth Slaysman (York College of Pennsylvania). It includes over twenty-five hundred multiple-choice, short–answer, and essay questions.

  • PowerPoints: Marie Reymore (Marian University) updated and revised all the PowerPoint slides to highlight all the key points of each chapter in a clear, visually attractive manner. Slides include figures and tables from the textbook and are fully customizable.


Online Learning Center (

The book website includes a broad array of content to aid students in solidifying their knowledge. Interactive graphs and exercises, multiple-choice questions will help students prep for exams. Additionally, web links related to Your Financial World pieces serve as an important resource for students beyond the classroom.


McGraw-Hill’s Connect Economics. Connect Economics offers a number of powerful tools and features to make managing assignments easier, so you can spend more time teaching. Students can engage with their coursework anytime and anywhere, making the learning process more accessible and efficient. In short, Connect Economics facilitates student learning and optimizes your time and energies, enabling you to focus on course content, teaching, and student learning.

  • Create and deliver online, auto-graded homework assignments, quizzes, and tests directly from the end-of-chapter materials or test bank. Problems are available as both static and algorithmic problems, and there are also multiple-choice conceptual questions.

  • Students receive immediate, detailed feedback on their assignments, allowing them to focus on the areas where they need improvement.

  • Questions mapped to AACSB skill areas, Bloom’s Taxonomy levels, learning objectives, section, and difficulty level enable you to run reports that assess specific learning outcomes.

  • LearnSmart ensures your students are learning faster, studying more efficiently, and retaining more knowledge. It pinpoints concepts the student does not understand and maps out a personalized study plan for success. Based on students’ self-diagnoses of their proficiency, LearnSmart intelligently provides students with a series of adaptive questions. This provides students with a personalized one-on-one tutor experience.

  • NEW! SmartBook is the first and only adaptive reading experience.  Powered by LearnSmart, SmartBook facilitates the reading process by identifying what students know and don't know.  Then, as students read, the material continuously adapts to ensure that they're focused on the content they need the most to close specific knowledge gaps.

  • Pre-built assignments are available to save you set up time.

Connect Plus Economics. This packaging option combines all the great features of Connect Economics with access to an online version of Money, Banking, and Financial Markets so that students can easily refer back to the text for review and guidance. This media rich e-book links directly to tutorials and online resources.

Instructors: To experience this product firsthand, contact your McGraw-Hill Education Learning Technology Specialist.