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Selection Quick Checks (English)

1.Why was Andrea Meadows going to the art gallery with her mother?
A.She had a day off from school, so she wanted to see the museum.
B.She wanted to see what work was like for her mother.
C.Her mother had gotten her a part-time job as a file clerk.
D.They had heard there was a robbery at the art gallery.

2.Who was Beatrice Delacourte?
A.the owner of the art gallery
B.the caretaker of the art gallery
C.the manager of the cleaning crew
D.the original owner of the Margritte

3.Who had been at the gallery after closing time on the day of the robbery?
A.Nick Crowley
B.the cleaning crew
C.Beatrice Delacourte
D.Andrea Meadows

4.All of the following are reasons Julia Meadows was accused of the robbery EXCEPT
A.she was in charge of the videotapes.
B.on the video, she was walking out with a long rectangular box.
C.on the video, her footprints led straight to the Margritte.
D.the room with the Margritte had been locked after the painting vanished.

5.What did Andrea demand from Ms. Delacourte after she was found out?
A.that she make a public apology
B.that she apologize to the police for taking up so much time
C.that she increase her mother's pay
D.that she pay her the $25,000 reward

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