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How to

Designed for high school and college students, this site gives the visitor helpful tips on how to become a more efficient and successful student. Techniques for studying, listening, and note taking are just a few areas that are covered. A list of recommended readings are also available here.

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How to

This site suggests helpful tips on how to improve your reading, thinking, listening, and note taking skills along with time management strategies. Ways to approach a test and relive examination anxiety are also addressed here.

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This site is an automated service that solves all sorts of algebra and calculus problems instantly and automatically. Powered by Mathematica, a powerful mathematic computer, submitted question to “QuickMath” are processed and answers are displayed within a few second.

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This site explores the problems that can confront individuals with learning disabilities, which can lead to anxiety and self-doubt. Students coping with these special issues tend to work twice as hard as the average student. This site gives specific techniques that can help these students succeed.

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DVC Learning Style Survey

A simple learning style assessment comprised of 32 questions and 4 primary learning styles. The assessment’s creators designed this site to help students succeed by identifying their unique learning style. Suggested learning strategies for individual styles are also listed once a style is identified.

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