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Freshman Year Portfolio Planning Guide

Portfolio Building
  • Begin your Career Development Portfolio.
  • Assess your interests, skills, values, goals, and personality.
  • Go to the career center in your school and explore majors and careers.
  • Set goals for your first year.
  • Write a résumé.
  • Network with professors and students. Concentrate on getting good grades, adjusting to college, and getting to know instructors.
  • Keep a journal for reflection. Label the first section Self-Assessment and begin to write your autobiography. Label another section Exploring Careers.
  • If time permits, get a part-time job. Check out your school's placement office for suggestions.

Summer Vacation

  • Get a summer job to help you explore jobs, gain work experience, learn to get along with others, and earn money.
  • Talk with people. Find out what they like and do not like about their jobs. Research careers.