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Mapping Your Future

Sponsored by the Federal Family Education Loan Program (FFELP), the mission of “Mapping Your Future” is to “counsel students and families about college, career, and financial aid choices through a state-of-the-art, public service web site.” To achieve this mission, the site provides visitors with current information about student aid, student aid services, and technologies and industry trends. Information for high school and middle school students are also available.

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Mind Tools

The “Mind Tools” site provides visitors with helpful information on skills and techniques to help them excel in their careers, whatever it may be. Topics such as stress control, time management, tool to improve memory, and decision-making techniques are just some of the areas covered. Also included is a section on job-hunting skills.

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Teach For America

The “Teach For America” program employs recent college graduates with all academic majors and backgrounds to educate inner city and rural community students for a two-year term. The program’s aim is to inspire individuals to “become lifelong leaders in the effort to ensure that all children in our nation have an equal chance in life”. Since 1990, over 9,000 people have joined “Teach For America”, changing the lives of 1.25 million students.

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Career Center

Created by the “College View” site, the “Career Center” section offers helpful advice on preparing for a career while in college. Career planning strategies are categorized into freshman, sophomore, junior, and senior years for a more specific approach.

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Founded in 1994, “” claims to be the “Leading online global careers network and #1 hiring management resource”. The site is designed to make career searching and employment hiring efficient and practical. Areas on how to create a resume and career advice are also available.

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