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Senior Year Portfolio Planning Guide

Portfolio Building
  • Refine your Career Development Portfolio.
  • Time to put your job search into high gear. Go to the career center for advice.
  • Read recruitment materials. Schedule interviews with companies.
  • Update and polish your résumé and print good copies. Write drafts of standard cover letters.
  • Update journal. Keep a list of potential employers and assess your job skills. Have you gained maturity, self-confidence, and poise? Are you ready for a career? Are you disciplined and able to put in more than an eight-hour day? Do you know what it takes to be hired and promoted?
  • Network. Talk with faculty, administrators, and community members.
  • Keep a list of contacts and their telephone numbers.
  • Join professional organizations and attend conferences. Take your résumé along and follow up on contacts.
  • Start sending out résumés and go to job fairs.
  • Find a mentor to help you with your job search and career planning.
  • Log interviews in your journal or notebook. Assess and improve your performance. Practice interviewing skills. Go to job interviews.
  • Choose from among job offers.
  • Continue your journal with strategies for being promoted.