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How Do You Use Alcoholic Beverages?

Answer the following questions about your own alcohol use. Record your number of "yes" and "no" responses at the end of the questionnaire.

Do You:YesNo
Drink more often than you did a year ago? Y N
Drink more heavily than you did a year ago? Y N
Plan to drink, sometimes days in advance? Y N
Gulp or "chug" your drinks, perhaps in a contest? Y N
Set personal limits on the amount you plan to drink but then consistently disregard these limits? Y N
Drink at a rate greater than two drinks per hour? Y N
Encourage or even pressure others to drink with you? Y N
Frequently want a nonalcoholic beverage but then end up drinking an alcoholic drink? Y N
Drive your car while under the influence of alcohol or ride with another person who has been drinking? Y N
Use alcoholic beverages while taking prescription or OTC medications? Y N
Forget what happened while you were drinking? Y N
Have a tendency to disregard information about the effects of drinking? Y N
Find your reputation fading because of alcohol use? Y N
TOTAL _____ _____


If you answered yes to any of these questions, you may be using alcohol irresponsibly. Two or more yes responses indicate an unacceptable pattern of alcohol use and may reflect problem drinking behavior.

To Carry This Further

Ask your friends or roommates to take this assessment. Are they willing to take this assessment and then talk about their results with you? Be prepared to discuss any follow-up questions they might have about their (or your) alcohol consumption patterns. Your willingness to talk about drinking behavior might help someone realize that this topic can and should be discussed openly. Finally, be aware of how people in your area can get professional help with drinking or other drug concerns.