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How Stuff Works

Ever wonder how your computer works? How about your cell phone or PDA? This site has all the answer to those questions. Categorized for specific searches, “How Stuff Works”, explains the nuts and bolts behind everything from car stereos to the human brain.

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“Epinions” offers consumers’ unbiased advice and personalized recommendations from fellow shoppers that have purchased specific items. The thought behind this site is for consumers to make better purchasing decisions.

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“StudentNow” contains a verity of topics that can ease the pressure of student life and make the college experience a more enjoyable one. A freshman guide, dealing with roommate issues, and educational tips are just some of the areas covered. Information on volunteerism and campus diversity can also be found here.

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Freedom Corps

In his 2002 State of the Union address, President George W. Bush asked that every American volunteer their time in strengthening America's communities. Chaired by President Bush, the Freedom Corps’s initiative is to “support the momentum of millions of acts of kindness and decency that are changing America one heart at a time”.

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Peace Corps

Founded in 1962 by President John F. Kennedy, the Peace Corps gives Americans the opportunity to volunteer their services on an international stage. Since its creation, more than 168,000 Americans have served in the Peace Corps by helped citizens of more than 135 developing countries learn how to read, write, and farm.

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“” is a Chicago based online apartment and relocation resource guide. Affiliated with over 150 newspapers from around the country, this site says it has the ability to conduct highly customized searches with superior visual ads that “helps renters reduce the time and effort spent finding an apartment”.

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Want to know what the weather will be like tomorrow, this weekend or even next week? You can find out easily by visiting the site. Just add your zip code and get local weather information that is accurate.

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