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Recognizing Drug Abuse

To assess whether you or someone you know may be abusing drugs, circle "Y" for yes or "N" for no.

A sudden increase in or loss of appetite or sudden weight loss or gain Y N
Moodiness, depression, irritability, or withdrawal Y N
Disorientation, lack of concentration, or forgetfulness Y N
Frequent use of eye drops or inappropriate wearing of sunglasses Y N
Disruption or change in sleep patterns or a lack of energy Y N
Borrowing money more and more, working excessive hours, selling personal items, or stealing or shoplifting Y N
Persistent and frequent Nosebleeds, sniffles, coughs, and other signs of upper respiratory infection Y N
Change in speech patterns or vocabulary or a deterioration in academic performance Y N
Feeling ill at ease with family members and other adults Y N
Neglect of personal appearance Y N


A "Y" response to more than three questions indicates that there may be drug dependence, and professional help should be obtained.