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Contemporary's GED Language Arts, Writing
Ellen Carley Frechette
Tim Collins

PowerPoint Presentations

Click on the links below to download instructional PowerPoint presentations for each chapter in Contemporary's GED Language Arts, Writing. Use these presentations to review chapter content with your students. You may customize each presentation as necessary.

Chapter 1: Sentence Basics (431.0K)

Chapter 2: Using Verbs (631.0K)

Chapter 3: Combining Sentences (400.0K)

Chapter 4: Organization (439.0K)

Chapter 5: Using Correct Language (387.0K)

Chapter 6: Mechanics (454.0K)

Chapter 7: Test-Taking Strategies (561.0K)

Chapter 8: Preparing for the GED Essay (570.0K)

Chapter 9: Gathering Your Ideas (495.0K)

Chapter 10: Organizing Your Ideas (520.0K)

Chapter 11: Writing Your GED Essay (481.0K)

Chapter 12: Revising Your GED Essay (408.0K)

Chapter 13: Review of the Writing Process (393.0K)