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Web Links

Use the following links as resources in your writing classes. Links are listed here in alphabetical order. The Web Links sections in the Student Center are organized according to content.

If you would like to contribute additional sites to this list or to the Web Links sections in the Student Center, please send the name of the link, the URL, and a brief description of the site to
Basic Rules for Taking a Multiple-Choice Test

This site provides a handout on tips for taking a multiple-choice test.
The Blue Book of Grammar and Punctuation

This site contains lessons in basic grammar and punctuation, along with printable practice exercises and tests.
Daily Grammar

On this site you can join an online grammar class, in which a grammar lesson is e-mailed to you every five days with a quiz on the sixth day. Lessons and quizzes are also archived and could be used as handouts.
English Basics

This site contains free grammar worksheets.
English Lessons and Tests

While this site is primarily an ESL site, it contains practice quizzes that are useful for GED students and a Teacher’s Resource section.
The GED Essay

This site explores the Internet as a means of improving writing performance on the essay portion of the GED Language Arts, Writing Test. A practice essay topic and useful links are included.
Grammar Bytes

This site contains an index of grammar terms and rules, interactive exercises, and handouts for students and instructors.
Grammar Quiz

This site provides a 30-question online grammar test with answers.
Guide to Grammar and Writing

This site contains a wealth of lessons, practice quizzes, and instructional PowerPoint presentations related to grammar and writing.
Language Arts Lesson Plans

This site contains nearly 100 Language Arts activities for grades 5–12.
Michigan Teacher Network—English/Language Arts Education

This site contains descriptions of over 650 Web sites related to English/Language Arts Education.
Punctuation QuickGuide

This quick reference guide reviews proper use of a variety of punctuation marks.
Purdue University’s Online Writing Lab

This site contains a wealth of information related to grammar and writing, including handouts for students and instructors.
Web English Teacher

This site contains K-12 English/language arts teaching resources, including lesson plans, WebQuests, videos, biography, e-texts, criticism, jokes, puzzles, and classroom activities.
The WebScripts

This is an online version of the old Mad Libs party game.