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Principles of Economics, Asia Global Edition

Robert H. Frank, Cornell University
Ben S. Bernanke, Princeton University (formerly)
Hon-Kwong Lui, Lingnan University

ISBN: 1259011844
Copyright year: 2015



McGraw-Hill Connect® Economics: McGraw-Hill Connect® Economics is a complete, online assignment and assessment solution that includes and expands upon the actual problem sets found at the end of each chapter. It features enhanced technology that provides a varied supply of auto-graded assignments and graphing exercises, tied to the learning objectives in the book.

Connect® can be used for student practice, graded homework assignments, and formal examinations; the results are easily integrated with your course management system, including WebCT and Blackboard.

Instructor’s Manual: Prepared by Per Norander of Missouri State University, with modification by Hon-Kwong Lui for the Asia Global Edition, 1/e, this expanded manual features general topics such as Using the Website, Economic Education Resources, and Innovative Ideas. Additionally, each chapter will also include: an Overview, Concepts Students Should Master, Teaching Tips/Student Stumbling Blocks, Additional Economic Naturalist Examples, In-Class and Web Activities, and an Annotated Chapter Outline.

Solutions Manual: Prepared by Per Norander, Missouri State University (micro), and Sarah Ghosh, University of Scranton (macro), this manual provides detailed answers to end-of-chapter questions.

Test Bank: Prepared by Kate Krause of the University of New Mexico (micro) and Paul Fisher of Henry Ford Community College (macro), each manual contains nearly 4,000 questions categorized by chapter learning objectives, AACSB learning categories, Bloom’s Taxonomy objectives, and level of difficulty.

PowerPoint Presentation: Prepared by Nora Underwood of the University of Central Florida, with modification by Hon-Kwong Lui for the Asia Global Edition, 1/e,  these slides contain a detailed, chapter-by-chapter review of the important ideas presented in the textbook, accompanied by animated graphs and slide notes. You can edit, print, or rearrange the slides to fit the needs of your course.



Online Learning Center: For students the website features the glossary from the textbook, a set of study PowerPoints, and practice quizzes.

Study Econ Mobile App:Students can study economics anywhere with McGraw-Hill’s new Study Econ mobile study app. The Study Econ mobile app includes book-specific study tools to help students review and master important economic concepts on the go. The app is available in both Apple and Android app markets.

The Study Econ mobile app has been developed for the Microeconomics and Macroeconomics split titles only. Upon downloading the app, students will receive the first three chapters of content for free! After the trial, students will have the option to purchase the rest of the content within the app. Features of the Study Econ mobile app include:

  • Flashcards of every key term and definition from the textbook, customizable by chapter.
  • Basic math review for those pesky formulas we sometimes forget.
  • Customizable self-quizzes that allow for more practice and feedback.
  • Common mistakes and pitfalls are included to help master key concepts.
  • Various games which help make learning key terms and concepts more engaging and fun!
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Instructors: To experience this product firsthand, contact your McGraw-Hill Education Learning Technology Specialist.